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Farm Agribusiness Management & RecordkeepingFarm Agribusiness Management & Recordkeeping
Tagani Philippines Farm Agribusiness Management & Recordkeeping
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Succulent Plants: Gardening for starters!Succulent Plants: Gardening for starters!
Tagani Philippines Succulent Plants: Gardening for starters!
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Chicken Egg FarmingChicken Egg Farming
Tagani Philippines Chicken Egg Farming
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Lettuce Hydroponics Farming
Tagani Philippines Lettuce Hydroponics Farming
Sale price₱980 Regular price₱1,450
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Commercial Hydroponics
Tagani Philippines Commercial Hydroponics
Sale price₱3,450 Regular price₱4,500
Tagani Philippines Data Science in Azure
Sale price₱0
Tagani Philippines Data Science with Python
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