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Sacred Grains Puro Mindoro Dinorado Rice 5kg

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  • 100% pure Dinorado. Walang halo!
  • 100% Locally sourced from Filipino Farmers
  • 3M Dinorado Guarantee by Sacred Grains Gen. Merch (If it's not, just tell us and we'll repalce it!)
  • Mabango/Fragrant: Good rice isn't good without that fragrant Dinorado smell. You can even smell it while it's cooking!
  • Malambot/Soft: The right amoung of softness that stays even when it's not warm anymore.
  • Masarap/Tasty: With the fragrance and softness, this one you will have to try for yourself!
  • Also available in 10kg and 25kg sacks!