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UPDATE (11/01/2020): Raising funds for our partner-farmers affected by supertyphoon Rolly (Gani). Please help us raise funds by sharing this with your friends!

Farmers often have no choice but to throw away their produce when the prices are too low. (READ: Cordillera farmers throw away veggies due to lack of buyers amid COVID-19 quarantine)

Struck by calamities and natural disasters, Filipino farmers become the most vulnerable sector of the Philippines. 

These are the reasons why 25% of Filipino farming families are living below the poverty line, earning as low as P2,000 (US$40) a month.

Your donation goes to our TAGANI Farm Fund which supports farmers through market linkage program Kadiwa ni Ani at Kita in partnership with the Department of Agriculture, digital technology services through the Tagani Farm App, and agricultural training through Tagani Farm Institute.

During times of calamities, we donate large parts of the Fund to help farmers cope up with losses and to bounce back. Help us support local farmers by donating to our cause. 

About Tagani

TAGANI Philippines is a community of farmers, entrepreneurs, agriculturists, advocates, and activists for a more inclusive and sustainable agriculture sector. Since 2014, we now have more than 35,000 members from all around the world supporting farmers in various ways. 

Tagani is a Kadiwa partner of the Department of Agriculture.

Other Donation Methods

For in-kind donations: Please e-mail us at hello@tagani.ph to coordinate. We are in need of the following:

    • seeds
    • smartphones
    • farm machines
    • refrigerators
    • tents
    • crates 


For Bank Details:

Bank of the Philippine Islands Account Name: Kevin Cuevas
Account Number: 4149-0916-75
UnionBank of the Philippines Account Name: TAGANI INC.
Account Number: 0025-1001-7610
Security Bank Account Name: TAGANI INC.
Account Number: 0000-2524-2660
GCash Send Money Account Name: Kevin Cuevas
Account Number: 0997-605-8884

For QR Codes:

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